browser extension for an infinite liberty.

Our features are
unique, incredible and powerful.

You won't believe it until you try it!

Color customization

Basic for a very quick color customization and Advanced to customize everything!

Background image

Make your Tweetdeck unique.
Set a background image to it!

Multiple columns lines

Having a lot of columns and tired of scrolling? See all your columns at a glance!

Get stars back!

We give you the ability to choose between the heart and the star favorite icon!

Rounded or squared avatars

You can choose the one you prefer!

"Replying to"

Tired of the "Replying to @..." text?
Get back to the original "@...." template!

Take the control!

Column width size, space between columns, border radius, ... Adjust everything to your liking!


Get your TweetDeck animed with the animations of your choice!

Notification sound

The regular Tweetdeck notification sound's boring? Discover 14 new awesome sounds!

And more!

They absolutely love it!

More happiness here!